Vision and Strategy

Leading Technology Manage-ment, Customer Satisfac-tion, Human Resources Manage-ment, Stable Profit, Value Manage-ment
  • Advance to the leading supplier by total customer satisfaction
    OKins delivers the ultimate satisfaction to customers not only by our products but by distinct services, which are engaged by prompt reactions, extending advanced technology, pricing and quick lead time. We enjoy hearing various voices and demands from various customers.
  • Drive technical renovation by continuous improvement
    OKins try to be the preferred supplier for users while through forging new technology which will allow us to provide our customers cutting-edge technology with high-end products. We will be a market leader in technology in this era of rapid change.
  • Provide world best quality through never-content management
    The OKins quality management system enables our products more reliable in the user testing operations. In order to supply reliable products, OKins is also cooperating with outsourcing suppliers in many aspects of quality control principles by constructing a high-quality production network.
    We value the reliability of technology as well as products where the products start and finish.