BiTS 사업소개

Test Socket

    * Design Features
    - Standard/ Custom design for ATE handler
    - Manual test application with manual lid
    - Standard/ Custom footprint
    - Dual operation on both ATE and manual
    - User friendly designs

    * Product Category
    - Devices : Digital, Analog, Imaging, Microcontroller, ASIC, EEPROM, Flash, Mixed Signal, Wireless, RF, CMOS image sensor, LED etc.
    - Packages : M/TQFP, T/SOP, D/QFN, CLCC, BGA, CSP, WLP etc

    * Test Solutions
    - Design solution for any type of package types
    - Various applications-Production, Development, Engineering, Characterization
    - Adaptable to most of existing load boards
    - Long operation cycles under ATE handler operation
    - Cost effective